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Hemos recibido varios correos que muestran interés por las mismas cuestiones. Una respuesta común desde este blog:

Empiezo por aclarar que soy Jose. También decir que no hemos vuelto a actuar desde junio del año 2015. Cámester continúa con distintos miembros. No está previsto todavía volver a los escenarios, pero os invito a seguir este blog «por si las moscas». Respecto a la descarga de canciones, .. están en la web. Si alguien está muy interesado en el Cd original, que nos lo pida por correo a ver cómo se lo podemos hacer llegar.


Agradecer los ánimos y la atención, viva la música!!.



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  • Kayleigh el

    Your post is a timely cornuibttion to the debate

  • ”Älä tee niin kuin minä teen, tee niin kuin sanon”, sanoi entinenkin opettaja. Jos kuitenkin mies esiintyy ja kirjoittaa aurinkokuninkaana, jonkinlaisia käyttäytymistapoja voisi edellyttää. Sika mikä sika.

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    I have heard that turkey's could fly, but never saw one. I trust you find a way to get rid of them, They look kinda think for Thanksgiving.I appreciate you taking time to visit today.

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    Moietpersonned’autre22 mars 2011Mario : « Encore un billet à la con dans le seul but de provoquer des réactions ».Et sa fonctionne puisque tu réagis 😀

  • HUGE congratulations to Leigh Evans. And allow me to extend a HUGE thank you to the hard working elves at the Knight Agency! I've never tried "speed dating" before. (Took me weeks to work up the nerve to ask my husband out on a date and even then, it had to be couched in a group invitation.) In both cases, it was totally painless and more than a little bit of a rush.

  • First of all, I love you! Not in the in love sense, but you know. Secondly, I don't know if you have access to The Chronicle Review (June 12, 2009 issue) but there is an article on urban drug addition in Philadelphia that might interest you. At first, when I saw the pictures accompanying the piece, I thought, oh, a story about one of the third world countries! There are so many aspects of this story that are amazing. If you want to read it and can't, email me or whatever and I'll send you my access. [JUST KIDDING, CHRONICLE PEOPLE, I WOULDNT DREAM OF IT]

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    Yep, I’m an open book and even I only share a portion of my life. Although, I’m not popular and I highly doubt anyone even discusses my life or my blog haha I am sort of thankful for that really, I don’t think I would enjoy being in this big blogging community drama. Glad to have missed all of that.

  • Avez vous vu le spot (heu ! publicitaire) approuvé par le Ministère chargé de la famille en l’occurence cette madame Morano ???dénoncer par une vidéo à la télévision, sur internet : la violence de la prostitution, de la pédophilie, des jeux vidéos, et des nazi(e)s ??? « tout le monde n’approuve pas ce spot !! on peut comprendre, surtout quand on parle de jeu x vidéos (rireeee) avec le reste. Sujet très sérieux.

  • est un excellent site. Lien en RS, MU, MV, et autre (il ya le choix). Il y a beaucoup de lien avec free. Tout type de film, jeux (wii, ds, ps3, …) livre, manga, musique, bref tout ce dont vous pourriez avoir besoin… 😉

  • Trophies may trumph beckies most of the time. But I imagine it's almost impossible for a good black athlete to have a moments peace, being nearly "raped" by beckies on college campuses across the US.If fact, it almost seems like a rite of passage for white college coeds to screw a black guy while they're in college, especially a black college athletes. Perhaps UTS, could elaborate more, LOL!

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    OH WOW!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Everything in this post is simply gorgeous!!!! I'm in love with your hexi quilt!! I love hexi's and don't have the first clue how to do them:( I bout some paper pieces from Lovely Little Handmades but still haven't opened them. Oh this is adorable! And those pillows are to die for!

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    That's a great recipe, thanks for sharing the results with us all. I'm not sure I would know where to start … Ok, we all know I'd fall nose first into the chocolate ganache covered ones … but after that I'm not sure I'd know where to start ;0)

  • Dear Amy: Your column really speaks to me. We’re embarking upon a senior level hire at this very moment. It’s an important move for our Agency. . .I’m already exhausted. All the best, Lisa.

  • Isn’t that the guy who fkd the munger from sheris ranch? Like EW she’s a damn behemoth trainee NOTHING to brag about seriously! I can’t even believe she could get paid to bare her giant vag! I bet that’s why she went and dated Fred until his money ran out…naive men! Where is she now Freddy?

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  • that I didn’t see anything more. I was later to find out that he wasn’t interested in my answers at all. He was seeing how compliant I was by adding the number of times I answered. Guess I won’t be handling any state secrets. But one other thing. In the 12 years that he adminstered the test I was the first person to know who Goethe was. Again, I will not be handling any state secrets.

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    en ese reportaje me encanto cuando chuqui dijo: a ella contra la pared! jajajaaajjajajaaajajajajaaajjajajajajajaesa mina es la mejor lejos!!! me encanta su sonrisa, su culo, sus tetas, su cintura, sus piernas!! todo!! brbrdbdrdrbrdbdr

  • 12/11/2012 – 12:04amDe esa noticia,mi querido amigo Juanmi,no hablaran los imparciales de la Cope,no? Jajaja!Yo sabia q el Mouñigote ese del MOUñiz la iba a liar a favor del Moudrid…Siempre lo hace en el Bernabeu.No hay q ser muy listo pa saber lo que se cuece en la liga corrupta española.

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    Vigelandsparken er et virkelig flot sted.Kunstneren Gustav Vigeland har lavet en masse flotte skulpturer af mennesker (eller han fik andre til det). Der er fx en 14 m. høj skulptur af mennesker der slynger sig om hinanden.Jeg blev meget imponeret af det sted i hvert fald 😉

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    Ja visst har det varit härligt med lite värme igen. Men snart är det höst och vi får värma oss med mysiga kläder och plädar istället. :)Ha så härligt i London nu! Meddela gärna hur vädret är mm mm. Jag och mina döttrar åker dit ännu nästa helg. Oj vad vi längtar!Stora kramenJeanette

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    las dos controvertidas y enfrentadas teorías de la existencia de nuestra vida en la tierra: Creacionismo y Evolución, se le suma una tercera en discordia: La Panspermia! Pero que significa éste

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    yah, negeri ini sebenarnya punya banyak manusia-manusia hebat yang semestinya bisa menjadi penggerak perubahan. sayangnya justru habis manis sepah dibuang yang mereka terima. salut untuk njenengan yang sudah menempatkan mereka pada tempat yang semestinya…blog yang keren abiz…

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    4:30 – nice try.According to the child's mom, "he's been bullied for a long, long time."Hazelwood School District should release the video.Black on white hate crimes should be exposed not covered up.

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  • [15] new“I always loved the ‘67 Cougar.”Second that.I remember when Ford debuted the ’67 Cougar on Magen’s Bay beach in St. Thomas. For a month before its arrival the two mile beach access road had large black signs with neon green cat’s eyes that peered out from the brush every few yards. The Cougar arrived on a barge and drove onto the beach while Ford mucky-mucks drank pina coladas. Mad Men ’60′s style.

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  • I have a dress code too. So here’s my opinion on dress code fashion: red is so in so i would suggest wearing a white polo, a red sweater with hood, (but don’t wear hood) blue jean shorts that are at your knees, red converse, and a polka dot red head band. The head band you can buy at claires. Taylor swift wears them, and there so in!!!

  • Hi Chad – glad you are a fan of the resource! We appreciate your suggestions very much. We’ve got some other projects that we’re working away on, but will definitely be revisiting more Piano Party Packs in the future.

  • Tem razão qb, m. Dessa literatura do séc. XXI que fala, como da música e artes em geral, o nada que se retira é um gozo negativo, aquele limiar em que a coisa dá a volta, que de tão má se torna boa. A literatura do empreendedorismo não costuma falhar nisso. Eu, por exemplo, ando com uma vontade de ler o livro recente de António Carrapatoso que nem lhe digo.

  • >L’amerOui, j’avais déjà lu ce nom en Wiki mais je ne l’avais employé par qu’il n’est pas d’origine juif.Le « vous » c’est pour Siganus, Michelle et al qui m’ont demandé si c’est «Rhesus» (comme le singe ) ou «Ressuss», etc.

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    Can’t really agree with you in this one.I found the Alter version very generic.The Volks one is much more dinamic (love that kicking pose)Damn you Volks!

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    – Shawna, I so enjoyed reading your post thank you for this. You eloquently described what so many of us are feeling. It was disappointing , but more so it was disappointing how divided everyone became and I think media in general really cultivated that. Thank you for your post.[]

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  • I bought this a lil over a year ago. I dont use it much but it does work pretty well. Although, I am already tan. I usually use this in the winter when I dont like to be looking too pale..i like a lil bronze faced look all year round. HAHAxoxo, Penelope

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  • I’m a bigger fan of this version. I think the way the sounds are layered is quite smooth. The darker tones and the droning of the car go together quite well. I’m not sure that you need a climax or big ending. However if you wanted some tension I would suggest adding a grating noise of some sort to the piece as that might match the feel of the song.

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    Yes I do!! Frequently! And God is always right there to bring me back down to reality (the reality that my life & achievements are not mine they are HIS!). I’ve noticed it time and time again- the Lord does not take kindly to sharing the glory- even with His most faithful followers.

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    Who is Christina Harris? Is this Brooke's mother? I heard her names several time. Everyone is convinced that Jennifer Johnson and Heather Starkman or Heather Sparkman Cook are involved but, what if it's really Christina Harris that is doing the trolling? I am going to find out who that person is.

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    Re: Condell, he's strongly anti-Islamic, that's what matters. And unlike Hitchens who has a hateful obsession with Israel, he considers the country somewhat superstitious, but is not all that negatively inclined toward it.

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